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I have been there.

I know the pain.

I know the numbing.

I know the knowing that there must be more in life.


I have been very kind, smiling politely, saying the right things in the right moments, according to what’s expected -as the wife, the sales executive, the cool, uncomplicated friend, the always caring daughter and so on.

And yet I could shatter planets with my rage.

My ability to scan situations and people helped me to perfectly adapt, to survive and living a structured, controlled life.

Today this skill not only allows me to play full out but makes all the difference in the services I offer.

After climbing the cooperate ladder I decided to now step into the wild. I gave myself permission to study what really ignites a spark inside of me: POSSIBILTY MANAGEMENT.


What’s so special about PM? Why did it exceed everything I knew up until then?

I can divide my life into before PM and after. After is still unfolding every day.



When I bring clarity into a space ….

I deliver a space for you.

A space where I listen to you.

A space where you can finally claim your agency back.

Manuela Stoerzer, ES

“Alice has the remarkable ability to facilitate actionable possibilities. The sessions are not just about talk; they are about consciously applying the energy of feeling to pave the way for tangible and meaningful new experiments. Alices's approach is professional and deeply touching. Her commitment to the journey of self-discovery and empowerment is undeniable. Alice is a coach who goes beyond the surface, helping you harness the energy of your emotions to create change."


What were the Adventures you have being? What are your Gameplan? What are the waters where your boat have being sailing? How come this things unfold in the spaces you hold?

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